Remember the smell of Mariupol


Ukraine, Austria

Text, video, personal photo archives.

Shooting, editing: Zoya Laktionova

Artist and photographer Zoya Laktionova talks about her 2 months of experience abroad in a state of two realities. The video interacts with two landscapes in the same space of the video work. The work uses archival family photos of the artist and texts written in the first weeks of the war. The work absorbs one landscape into another, but it is difficult to understand what kind of landscape this act carries out.

Garry Kraievets, curator

This is work with space, text and video. It combines my two-month experience of being abroad in a state of two realities. While the city where I was born - Mariupol - was being destroyed, I was in a safe space outside Ukraine. Reading the news about the destruction of Mariupol, its inhabitants and the memory of my childhood, took all the time. When I took my eyes off the news, I continued to see Mariupol in everything that surrounded me.

Remember still 1.jpg


2022 - VILLA MÜLLER, Feldkirch (Austria)

2022 - Salzburg Summer Academy, (Austria)

2022 - "Give Me Tomorrow", Corner of Conceptica, Lisbon (Portugal)

2022 - Give Me Tomorrow, Mitchell Art Gallery, Edmonton (Canada)


2022 - Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin (Germany)