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Documentary Film



12 minutes

Life flows in its everyday reality, but then suddenly something elusive changes its course. All that is left is the chance to plunge into memories where everything is preserved, as if in a museum


director: Zoya Laktionova

producer: Nadia Parfan

photography: Zoya Laktionova

editing: Mykola Bazarkin

sound: Andrew Borysenko

Offscreen voices remember a childhood in Mariupol, happy days by the sea. With their schoolmates they had planted willow trees that still grace the shore, more than fifty years later. Today the beach is deserted, only a few fishermen are waiting for a catch. Even the deepwater port seems abandoned. The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has changed everything overnight. The holiday region is now a dangerous exclusion zone. What’s left are the memories.

Annina Wettstein (DOK Leipzig)


Watch Diorama online:


2023 - DC Environmental Film Festival, Washington DC (USA)

2022 - FIDMarseille, Marseille (France)
2022 - UKRAЇNA! Festival filmowy,​ Warsaw (Poland)

2020 - Her Docs (Poland)
2020 - OKO international ethnographic film festival (Ukraine) - International competition

2019 - IceDoc (Iceland) - Documentary Film Competition
2019 - Bamberger Kurzfilmtage (Germany)
2019 - Uppsala film festival 2019 (Sweden)
2019 - The International Short Film Festival of Cinema and Sea (Morocco) - official competition
2019 - Signes de Nuit (Portugal) - Documentary Film Competition
2019 - Nepal Cultural International Film Festival (Canada) - international competition
2019 - Cinema and You (Ukraine) - short documentary competition

2018  - 86 IFFU (Ukraine) - Grand Prix in MyStreetFilms program 
2018 - DOK Leipzig (Germany) - International Competition Short Film
2018 - Ji.hlava IDFF  (Czech)
2018 - Cottbus FilmFestival (Germany)
2018 - WIZ-ART LISFF (Ukraine) - national competition
2018 - Open night (Ukraine)
2018 - Lampa.doc (Ukraine)


2024 - Between Farewell and Return, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv (Ukraine)
2023 - bak, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
2023 -The International Coalition of cultural workers in solidarity with Ukraine, Dymchuk Gallery, Kyiv (Ukraine)
2023 - Chapter III: Water as displacement, Oncurating Project Space, Zurich (Switzerland)
2023 - Dig Deep, Slovak Institute in Prague, Prague (Czech)

2022 - 5th floor - the digital platform of the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, online (Switzerland)
2022 - Documenta Fifteen - Documenta Halle, Kassel (Germany)
2022 - To Watch the War –The Moving Image Amidst the Invasion of Ukraine (2014–2022)Coalmine (Winterthur, Switzerland)
2022 - "Films of emergency/ Ukraine experimental film and video art", National Gallery, Sofia (Bulgaria)
2022 - "Chain Reaction", MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome (Italy)

2022 - "Chain Reaction", Kunsthalle Bratislava (Slovakia)
2022 - "Sweet Dreams Foundation", Kaunas Picture Gallery, Kaunas (Lithuania)
2022 - "Sweet Dreams Foundation", Nida Art Colony of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania) 
2022 -  "A War in the Distance. Prologue. An Embattled Ukraine in Video Art and Film", Neue Galerie Graz (Austria)
2022 -, Gmunden (Austria)
2022 - "Film of Emergency – Ukrainischer Experimentalfilm und Videokunst", Kunstraum München (Germany) 
2022 - "Home and Abroad: Central Europe Cinema", Olomouc Museum Of Art, (Czech) 
2022 - "Preserving the shape", Galerie Raum mit Licht, Vienna (Austria)

Selected screenings:

2023 -“Mariupol: Future in the Past”​, Riga (Latvia)
2023 - Art in Time of War: Celebrating the Resilience of Ukrainian Culture, New York (USA)

2022 - What drives us - Centre Pompidou, Paris (France)
2022 - My childhood is in the city that no longer exists -Barcelona, (Spain)
2022 - Lviv Art Centre, Lviv (Ukraine) 
2022 - Docnomads stand with Ukraine -Brussel (Belgium) 
2022 -​ - Microscope Gallery New York (USA)

2022 - SAMPLE Europe #UKRAINE »How does it feel?« Ein Video-/Filmprogramm des Deutschen Künstlerbundes mit Gästen, Berlin (Germany)

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