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We Have Never Met

Experimental film

Salzburg Summer Academy

Ukraine, Austria 2023 

5 minutes

director, photography, editing: Zoya Laktionova

producer: Zoya Laktionova

starring: Oksana Karpovych

soundmix: Mykhailo Zakutskyi

creative guidance: Anna Daučíková, Marlies Pöschl 


An attempt by the director to delve into the nature of sexuality and relationships with her friend in order to understand what their experience together was for them.

This work was filmed in Sicily, Italy and edited at Anna Daučíková,'s course Fragility and Resilience: Queering Strategies Revisited at the Salzburg Summer Academy.

never salzburg.jpg


2024 - goEast Film Festival, Wiesbaden (Germany) 

2024 - Sunny Bunny, Kyiv (Ukraine)

2023 - WIZ-ART LISFF, Lviv (Ukraine)

2023 - Queer Film Festival Leipzig (Germany)

2023 - Post Porn Film Festival Warsaw (Poland)


Salzburg Summer Academy (Austria)


2024 - place to be naked - Datsuijo Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

2023 - Ukraine: Queering and survival - La maison de l'ours, Paris (France)

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